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The PhD program in Statistics at the University of Washington recruits enthusiastic, capable students, pursuing careers that involve research in Statistics and Probability, both the theory and applications thereof.

The Department of Statistics currently (2008-2009 ) has forty-two faculty members and fifty graduate students. Additionally, a continuous flow of visiting faculty and postdoctoral fellows contributes greatly to the academic environment.

By means of joint faculty appointments and joint research projects we maintain active academic contact with the departments of; Biostatistics, Computer Science, Economics, Genetics, Geological Sciences, Geophysics, Mathematics, Psychology, Radiology, Sociology, Biology, the Center for Quantitative Science in Forestry, Fisheries and Wildlife (CQS), the College of Engineering, the School of Business Administration, the Applied Physics Laboratory, the Applied Statistics Division of the Boeing Company, and Insightful Corp. (formerly known as the Data Analysis Division of Mathsoft).

Recently, Statistics faculty have been involved in several major interdisciplinary research initiatives. These provide exciting research opportunities for our graduate students and faculty, as well as attracting many stimulating visitors:

Other important UW interdisciplinary programs involving Statistics faculty and graduate students include:

The graduate programs in Statistics, Biostatistics, and QERM are closely coordinated. The program of study emphasizes both statistical theory and methodology, and includes probability theory, mathematical statistics, computing, data analysis, and scientific applications. Students in the three programs take many of their courses together and also participate in the statistical consulting program. This affords the opportunity to learn the practical application of statistics by consulting with researchers from the various colleges of the University. Activities range from providing statistical advice for doctoral students in various disciplines to collaborative involvement in major research projects under the supervision of the faculty.

Summers are active at the University of Washington: Many visitors are attracted by our academic and recreational opportunities, so the Department has frequent summer seminars. Recreation is important all year around; hiking, climbing, and skiing possibilities abound, and the Department usually has pickup soccer games and intramural teams.

Most students receive full financial support in the form of teaching assistantships, research assistantships, or fellowships throughout their graduate careers. Summer support is generally available for students wanting to continue their studies during the summer months. The current (2008-2009 ) TA or RA minimum stipend is $15,462 for the nine-month academic year.

If you are thinking about becoming a statistician, wondering what it is a statistician even does, or curious what you might end up studying as a graduate student in the field of statistics, please check out our website Studying Statistics at the UW. For more information about going to graduate school, check out Tips for Graduate School.