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Thesis Examination

A Master's thesis is typically a substantial scholarly work, which need not contain novel methodology, written in a format similar to a dissertation, including a substantial literature review, description of the scientific problem, data and methods, and a discussion of the results. A typical technical report or publication authored or co-authored by the candidate usually does not constitute a thesis. In some cases, with the prior approval of the Graduate Program Coordinator, this may be expanded into a thesis if the contents mentioned above are included; in this case the thesis should be the sole work of the candidate, of course with guidance from the faculty advisor. Candidates are encouraged to view examples of past Master's theses

A masters thesis is examined by a committee of (at least) two faculty, or other individuals approved by the graduate program coordinator. At least one committee member must be a member of the statistics department regular (ie not adjunct or affiliate) faculty. The exam format is flexible, but would typically involve a presentation by the candidate followed by questions, in addition to the written thesis.

Thesis and Dissertation Information: