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Ph.D. Program (for current students admitted before 2012)

Admission Requirements

Background in mathematics, statistics, or a quantitative field, with 30 or more quarter credits in mathematics and statistics, to include a year of advanced (second-year) calculus, one course in linear algebra, and one course in probability theory; Graduate Record Examination scores (the Advanced Mathematics subject test is strongly encouraged but not required); a statement of purpose; and three letters of recommendation from appropriate former or current faculty.

Graduation Requirements

  1. Theory: Pass the MS or PhD theory exam.
  2. Methodology: Satisfactory performance (typically 3.0) in either STAT 502-504 OR STAT 570-571-572 OR pass an MS or PhD applied exam.
  3. Math: Satisfactory performance (typically 3.0) in MATH 574-575-576 OR equivalent.
  4. Computing: Satisfactory performance (typically 3.0) in STAT 534 OR equivalent.
  5. Seminar: Attendance at the statistics seminar (one credit of STAT 590 per quarter).
  6. Consulting / Applied: Here are the full details of the requirement. In short, the requirement is:
    • For students admitted in 2010 and after: Statisfactory performance in 3 credits of STAT 599 and a consulting project.
    • For students admitted in 2009 and earlier: Either 1) Satisfactory performance in 3 credits of STAT 599 and a consulting project, or 2) Satisfactory performance in 6 credits of STAT 599.
  7. Core sequences: Satisfactory performance in three approved core course sequences. Choose sequences from: Theory, Methodology, Computing, Stochastic, Probability, and at most one of Stat Gen or CSSS.
  8. Qualifying Exams: Pass two Ph.D. qualifying exams.
  9. Dissertation Credits: Three quarters (9 credits each quarter) of STAT 800, at least one quarter of which must be after the general exam.
  10. General exam: Successful presentation of a dissertation proposal (to be completed after 1-8). Must be scheduled at least three weeks in advance.
  11. Final exam: Successful defense of the dissertation. Must be scheduled at least three weeks in advance.


(Updated December 2010)