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Ph.D. Track for Statistics in the Social Sciences

Contact the Statistics Department for enrollment information. The goal of the Ph.D. track is to provide education in a particular area of social science for Ph.D. students in Statistics. The courses listed below can satisfy the elective requirements for the Ph.D. in Statistics. For more information, click here.

Program Requirements
The core requirements of the track consist in:

  1. Taking 3 graded courses in the chosen area of social science, from a list of such sets approved by the Statistics faculty; students are expected to take courses if necessary to satisfy pre-requisite requirements of these courses.
  2. Taking 2 STAT/CS&SS courses from a list of 8.

At the present time, there are two areas of subject specialization: Statistical Demography and Econometrics.

Other subject area sequences may be added later by action of the Statistics faculty. Students who complete the 5 courses can waive one of the three core sequences currently required for the Ph.D. in Statistics.

Additionally, at least three consecutive quarters of participation in the CS&SS seminar (1 credit/quarter) will be required.

Track Requirements

(Updated September 2013)