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Forming Your Ph.D. Supervisory Committee
Form your Ph.D. Supervisory Committee as soon as you have a thesis area so that you may begin working towards your general exam.

Details regarding the rules for membership on the Ph.D. Supervisory Committee are located in the UW Graduate School’s Memo 13: Supervisory Committee for Graduate Students.

Your PhD committee must have at least four members. One of the members is the graduate school representative (GSR) who is selected by the student in consultation with the committee chair(s) and/or the Graduate Program Coordinator (GPC - faculty advisor). You choose the remaining members; at least two must be statistics faculty. One of the members (usually your research advisor) is the Chair of the committee. You can also have joint chairs (often done when the main advisor is not a statistics Faculty member).

In addition to your advisor and two members, a GSR must be identified. The GSR and the supervisory committee chair cannot have a budgetary relationship. See the GSR Eligibility Chart.

Administrative Guide: Establish your Ph.D. Supervisory Committee

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(Updated September 2013)