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     June 26, 1997 Vol. 31 No. 1     
     Editor: Cheryl Bissett Summer 1997     


Denis Allard, National Institute for Agricultural Research, Avignon, France, is here to do research with Peter Guttorp and Adrian Raftery.

Jan Beirlant, Catholic University Leuven, will be visiting to do research with Galen Shorack.

David Blough, Department of Pharmacy, UW, will be teaching Statistics 311 and Statistics 390 for the summer quarter.

David Brooks, Seattle Pacific University, will be teaching Statistics 394A and Statistics 395A for the summer quarter.

Chris Triggs, University of Auckland, will be working with the consulting group for summer quarter and stay through autumn quarter.

Aad van der Vaart, Free University in Amsterdam, is visiting and doing research with Jon Wellner.


The Committee on Fellows elected Fritz Scholz to be ASA Fellow.

Graphical Markov Models Conference:

This summer we will be hosting one of the week-long Summer Research Conferences sponsored by the American Mathematical Society, on the topic of Graphical Markov Models. David Madigan and Michael Perlman are co-chairs. The dates are Sunday, June 29th through Thursday, July 3rd. We expect about 80 participants from the US and abroad, including a strong local contingent from the UW, Microsoft, and Boeing. Invited speakers include:

  • Steffen Lauritzen,
  • David Cox,
  • Nanny Wermuth,
  • Judea Pearl,
  • Jamie Robbins,
  • David Heckerman,
  • Peter Spirtes,
  • Steen Andersson, and
  • Milan Studeny.

Official registration is made through the American Mathematical Society (the registration fee is $40).

Out of Town:
Cheryl Bissett
8/14, 8/15, 8/18, 8/21, 8/22, vacation
Judy McPhee
8/1 - 8/8, vacation
Connie Sugatan
8/11 - 8/13, vacation
Elizabeth Thompson
7/1 - 7/11, England
7/27 - 7/30, WNAR Meeting, Utah
8/17 - 8/26, 51st Session of the ISI, Istanbul, Turkey
9/4 - 9/5, Program Review, NCSU