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     June 29, 1998 Vol. 35 No. 2     
     Editor: Cheryl Bissett Summer 1998     


Nilanjan Chatterjee and Barnali Das were married June 18th in India.

June Morita has been elected Chair-elect of the ASA Council of Chapters Governing Board (ASA/COCGB), beginning January 1999.

June Morita is also the recipient of this year's American Statistical Association Chapter Service Recognition Award.

Daniela Golinelli and Greg Ridgeway have received their Master's degrees.

Hui-Lin Hu, Sylvain Sardy and Ying Zhang have received their Ph.D. degrees.

Out of Town:
Jake Brutlag
7/1 - 9/10, Vacation in CA
Peter Guttorp
7/19 - 7/23, Workshop on Statistics and Atmospheric Science, NCAR, Boulder, CO
7/30/98 - 1/99, Univ. of Stockholm, Sweden
June Morita
7/30/98 - 1/99, Sweden
Jon Wellner
8/18 - 9/6, Prague and Berlin, meetings
Elizabeth Thompson
6/28 - 7/1, WNAR meeting, San Diego, CA
7/1 - 7/2, PMB short course, Berkeley, CA
Michael Perlman
9/13 - 9/18, HSSS Structural Learning, Turino, Italy
Joel Reynolds
7/15 - 7/26, VII Int'l Congress of Ecology, Florence, Italy
7/27 - 8/14, vacation
Paul Sampson
6/13 - 7/13, Europe
Galen Shorack
8/14 - 9/18, Leuven, Belgium
Werner Stuetzle
7/4 - 7/11, Drew Univ., NJ
7/26 - 8/4, Ann Arbor, MI

Wednesday, July 1, 1998
Final Examination:
Lang Wu
"Lattice Conditional Independence Models for Incomplete Multivariate Data and for Seemingly Unrelated Regressions."
Advisor: Michael Perlman
Padelford Hall C-301 at 2:00 P.M.


Addi Atkins, of Washington State University, will be working in the main office in the afternoons during the summer quarter.

David Brooks, of Seattle Pacific University, is teaching Stat 394/395 during the summer quarter.

Gille Celeux, of INRIA, France, will be visiting the month of July to work with Adrian Raftery.

Florence Forbes, of INRIA, France, will be visiting from July 1st through September 30th to work with Adrian Raftery.

Simon Heath, of Rockefeller University, New York, will be visiting to work with Elizabeth Thompson from July 6-19.

Fionn Murtagh, of the University of Ulster, Ireland, is visiting the department to work with Adrian Raftery from 7/26-8/9.

Michael Phelan, of Chapman College, Irvaine, CA, is visiting the NRCSE and teaching Stat 578C, Environmental Statistics and Public Health Policy.

Nuala Sheehan will be visiting from July 5th to early August to work with Elizabeth Thompson.