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     Janurary 27, 1999 Vol. 37 No. 1     
     Editor: Cheryl Bissett Winter 1999     

Statistics Seminars:
Monday, February 1, 1999
(Joint with the Department of Biostatistics)
Michael Newton, Department of Statistics and Department of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics,
University of Wisconsin Madison
"Statistical methods for a cancer mutagenesis experiment."
Communications 120 at 3:30 P.M.

Monday, February 8, 1999
(Joint with the Department of Biostatistics)
Giovanni Parmigiani, Institute of Statistics and Decision Sciences, Duke University
"Modeling Inherited Susceptibility to Breast Cancer."
Communications 120 at 3:30 P.M.


The University of Washington will be closed on Monday, February 15th for Presidents day.

General Examination:
Thursday, February 11, 1999
General Examination:
Beatrix Jones
"Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Parametric Migration Models."
Advisor: Elizabeth A. Thompson
Gould 435 at 1.30 P.M.


Suren Fernando of Truman State University will be visiting here until June.

Out of Town:
Cliff Lunneborg
2/15 - 5/15, Univ. of Melbourne & La Trobe Univ.
6/1 - 8/30, Univ. of Queensland & Queensland Univ. of Tech., Brisbane
9/1 - 11/30, MacQuarrie Univ., Sydney & Univ. of Sydney
12/1 - 2/15/00, Univ. of Western Australia & Murdoch Univ., Perth
Judy Zeh
1/12 - 2/9, Mexico
Jon Wellner
3/6 - 28, Free Univ., Amsterdam