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     July 18, 2002 Vol. 49 No. 1     
     Editor: Cheryl Bissett Summer 2002     

Puget Sound ASA Meeting

Wednesday, July 31, 2002.

Where: Hales Ales
(Directions to Hales at

Social time: 6:30 p.m.

Dinner: 7:00 p.m.

Cost: $10 students, $18 non-students

Speakers: Frank Block and Stephen Kaluzny, Insightful Corp.

Title: Data Mining: Leveraging Statistics in a Business Context



Ron Irving has agreed to become the new Divisional Dean for the Natural Sciences effective July 1. He is currently the Chair of the Mathematics Department and a former UW Distinguished Teaching award winner.

Out of town:

Michael Perlman, 7/26 - 8/9, IMS Meeting, Banff

Thomas Richardson, 7/10 - 8/5, Europe, IMS Mtg Banff and UAI, Edmonton

Paul Sampson, 7/9 - 7/30, vacation

Werner Stuetzle, 7/5 - 8/5, Germany, IMS Mtg, Banff

Elizabeth Thmpson, 7/12 - 7/21, IBC, Freiburg, Germany

Jon Wellner, 7/26 - 8/5, IMS Mtg, Banff; 8/12 - 8/23, Workshop, Czech Republic and the European Mtg of Statisticians in Prague.


Denis Allard, INRA Avignon in France, is visiting the department until July 26th to do research with Adrian Raftery and Chris Fraley

Michael Baake, of Univ. of Greifswald, Germany, will be here from Aug 1-4 to do research with Tilmann Gneiting.

Sandra Catlin, University of Nevada, will be here until Aug. 15th to do research with Peter Guttorp.

Peter Clifford, Oxford, is here to teach Stat 593A Summer quarter

Florence Forbes, INRIA, France, is visiting until September 9th to do research with Adrian Raftery.

Sandra Freitag, University of Kiel will be here September 1-27 to do research with Jon Wellner.

Daniela Golinelli, Univ of Southern California will be here until Aug. 15 to do research with Peter Guttorp.

Sofia Olhede, Imperial College, UK is visiting until August 22nd to do research with Don Percival.

David Rose, of Boeing is here to teach Statistics 390 Summer quarter.

Diem-Thy Tran will be our student helper for a month while Na Lin is on vacation in Thailand.

Aad van der Vaart, Free Univ. of Amsterdam will be here from July 19 to August 9 to do research with Jon Wellner.

Ronald Wehrens of the Netherlands will be visiting Chris Fraley and Adrian Raftery from September-November 2002.

Out of town:

Judy McPhee, May 24-31, vacation.

Elizabeth Thompson, June 11-15, SCSU Summer Inst., Raleigh, NC; July 12-21, IBC, Freiburg, Germany.


Jerry Le Sun received hi Master's of Science Degree and is continuing his education at the University of Rochester in New York.