Recent teaching

CSSS/STAT 567: Statistical analysis of social networks
STAT 581: Mathematical statistics
CSSS/STAT 560: Hierarchical modeling

Recent papers

Multilinear tensor regression for longitudinal relational data
A higher-order LQ decomposition for separable covariance models
Equivariant minimax dominators of the MLE in the array normal model
Equivariant and scale-free Tucker decomposition models
Likelihoods for fixed rank nomination networks

Recent talks

Separable covariance models for multiway array data
Latent factor models for networks and relational arrays
Mean and covariance models for tensor-valued data


sParXiv: A shiny personalized arXiv journal
amen: R-package for additive and multiplicative effects models for networks ( tutorial , github )
rstiefel: R-package for simulating random orthonormal matrices

Mission statement