Seminar Details

Seminar Details


May 17

3:30 pm

Modeling Ecological and Evolutionary Processes in Spatially Structured Populations

Chaozhi Zheng


University of Washington - Department of Statistics

Many species inhabit fragmented landscapes, resulting either from anthropogenic or from natural processes. The ecological and evolutionary dynamics of spatially structured populations are affected by a complex interplay between endogenous and exogenous factors. In this talk, I focus on the construction of biologically realistic models and their parameterization with empirical data, using the tools of Bayesian inference, probability theory, and computationally intensive simulations. The general objective is to understand how the interactions between individuals and their spatially structured environment affect ecological and evolutionary processes in fragmented landscapes. For illustrations, I will present studies on two hierarchically structured model systems, which are the Glanville fritillary butterfly in the Åland Islands, and a system of two interacting aphid species in the Tvärminne archipelago, both being located in South-Western Finland.