Seminar Details

Seminar Details


Oct 27

3:30 pm

On Combining Point and Area Measurements for Annual Runoff Predictions - A Non-stationary Spatial Model

Jingyi Guo

Faculty host Jon Wakefield

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

This work is motivated by the problem of ungauged basins, and the aim is to make inference about basins based on both point observations from precipitation gauges and areal measurements from other basins in the same area. As precipitation (and evaporation) are non-stationary spatial processes due to topology, we set up a spatial non-stationary model with elevation as an explanatory variable in the dependency structure. This can be done using the SPDE-approach to spatial modeling, and fast inference is achieved using the INLA-methodology. Through a case study from Western-Norway we explore how including areal and point observations influence both inference for parameters and predictions for ungauges basins compared to using only one source of information. For our case study, especially differences in predictions can be substantial.