Seminar Details

Seminar Details


Feb 23

3:30 pm

How a Paper Can Come About

Peter Guttorp


University of Washington - Department of Statistics

This talk is not about the results in a paper, but about the process that resulted in the paper Finding the Location of a Signal: A Bayesian Analysis by Guttorp and Lockhart (paper available at ... ckhart.pdf). I will talk about:

*why we started studying the original problem (which was only remotely related to what the actual paper was about)
*how the mathematics we had done turned into a first version of the paper
*what the referees had to say
*how we addressed the referees' concerns
*what they had to say about the revision, and
*how the paper actually came out in the nick of time.

The talk is intended as a description of what the process of paper writing can be like, and it will have a lot of excursions into irrelevant (but hopefully somewhat amusing) facts from the 70s and 80s.