Seminar Details

Seminar Details


Aug 11

8:00 am

Exploring Rates and Patterns of Variability in Gene Conversion and Crossover in the Human Genome

Garrett Hellenthal

Final Exam

University of Washington - Department of Statistics

Meiotic recombination is a biological process that shuffles our genetic material before we pass it along to our offspring. There are two known outcomes of recombination: crossover and gene conversion. Recently, fine-scale human crossover rates have been inferred with some success using statistical methodology applied to population data (i.e. genetic data on random samples of individuals from a population). However, reliable estimation of gene conversion rates has proven more difficult to come by. We present a new model to jointly estimate crossover and gene conversion rates using an updated version of the PAC Likelihood of Li and Stephens (2003). Furthermore, we incorporate this new model into additional statistical machinery to examine variability in recombination rates across the genome. We apply our methods to data from the {\it SeattleSNPs} project to provide insights into the relative rate of gene conversion to crossover and other features of recombination in humans, under various assumptions.