Seminar Details

Seminar Details


Oct 10

3:30 pm

Random Effects Models for Social Network Analysis

Marijtje Van Duijn


University of Groningen - Statistics & Measurement Theory

Social network data often have a special dependence structure, since they usually contain information about the strength of an individual's relation (e.g., friendship) with more than one other person. On most cases, one of the research questions concerns the effect of personal attributes on the occurrence or strength of a relation. Thus, a (cross-)nested data structure is obtained which is suitable for the analysis with multilevel models or with related random effects models.

In the presentation, straightforward multilevel network models for the analysis of personal networks, and more complex models for the analysis of directed network data are shown. If the network data are dichotomous (when only the presence, or absence, of a relation is recorded) the models become more complex. The p2 model that deals with this type of data is presented as well. If time permits, some indication of the types of models available for the analysis of longitudinal network data is given.

Before the seminar their will be an announcement of two annual Departmental prizes for the 2004 academic year:
- The Z.W. Birnbaum award was instituted in 1986 to recognize our distinguished emeritus professor and the graduate student who gives the best General exam.
- The teaching award was instituted in 1992 to recognize the best teaching assistant.

A background paper is available here.