Seminar Details

Seminar Details


Nov 1

3:30 pm

Permutation Methods for the Analysis of Variance

Cliff Lunneborg


University of Washington - Department of Statistics & Psychology

An introduction to the use of permutation and randomization tests in the analysis of randomized experiments as a distribution-free alternative to the normal theory t-test and F-ratio. The talk will touch on:

• Origins with Fisher (1935) and Pitman (1937).
• Applicability to experiments based either on random samples or on samples of convenience.
• Flexibility of choice of error metric and of test statistic.
• The use of Pitman correlation in the one-way design.
• The challenge of interaction in the two-factor design.
• Permutation/randomization based confidence bounds for treatment effects.
• Some extensions to the multivariate response.

The overheads for the seminar can be found here.