Seminar Details

Seminar Details


Oct 11

3:30 pm

Applied Statistics Research and Development At Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Tom Ferryman (Joint with CSSS & Biostatistics)


Pacific Northwest National Labs, Richland, WA

The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland Washington has 3500 employees, about half are scientists and about 700 of those have doctorates. The Statistics and Quantitative Sciences Group has 27 scientists, about half with Ph.D.s and do work in a wide variety of projects, including environment, health/medical, national security, aviation safety. We do about 100 different projects each year, some 4 hours of work, some 8,000 hours/year.

Tom will present an overview of several of the projects that are in work and modest depth on his aviation safety project. The focus is sharing the nature of our work (not the math/stat).