Seminar Details

Seminar Details


Mar 12

3:30 pm

On Model Determination for Spatial and Spatio-temporal Data

Alan Gelfand (Joint with NRCSE)


University of Connecticut - Department of Statistics

When formulating spatial or spatio-temporal models for either areal unit data or point-referenced data within a hierarchical modeling context, one encounters certain commonalities of form which we review. But, as a result, hierarchical modeling exposes a rich range of specifications to explore. Hence, we are naturally led to the question of model determination. In this regard it is useful to clarify what we can and can not hope to do with regard to model adequacy and model comparison. It is also useful to have some tools for model checking and model selection under hierarchical models. We provide some suggestions in this regard and illustrate with applications in variogram selection, mapping of lung cancer rates, residential sale prices and mapping of human allele and haplotype frequencies.