Seminar Details

Seminar Details


Oct 2

3:30 pm

Research Day - Part II

Tilmann Gneiting & Shuguang Song


University of Washington - Department of Statistics

Tilmann Gneiting:

"Problems in geostatistics and ramifications."

I will present an overview of my present research: geostatistics, with connections to probability theory and analysis; fast and exact simulation of random functions; model emulators and model uncertainty. Feedback is very welcome!

Shuguang Song:

"Estimation with Bivariate Interval-Censored Data: Bivariate Current Status Data."

In this talk, I will present some progress concerning the Nonparametric Maximum Likelihood Estimator (NPMLE) for bivariate current status data. A characterization of the NPMLE will be provided and several algorithms to compute the NPMLE will be discussed. Several asymptotic properties of the NPMLE will be presented, including consistency, the global rate of convergence, and a local asymptotic minimax lower bound. Some simulation results and ongoing research, especially the study of the point-wise asymptotic distribution will also be discussed briefly.

Refreshments to follow in the Statistics lounge, 3rd floor, Padelford.