Seminar Details

Seminar Details


Oct 21

3:30 pm

Picture the Future - Graphical Innovation in Environmental Statistics

Peter Guttorp (Joint with Biostatistics)


University of Washington - Department of Statistics

Many problems in environmental statistics deal with space-time data. There is a serious discrepancy between the tools we have for exploring data on the computer, such as point cloud rotation, brushing and other linked plots, virtual reality displays, and other dynamic computer displays, and the very limited static displays, at best allowing color, that are allowed in journals and books. More and more are we faced with large data sets, and the development of tools for handling them are of high priority in the statistical computing community. I will discuss some aspects of current research in statistical graphics as it pertains to environmental data. Specifically, I will talk about:

-Display of uncertainty in contour lines
-MCMC estimation of heterogeneous spatial covariance
-Looking for structure in spatially located multivariate data
-Dynamic displays of space-time processes

The talk will be illustrated with examples from current work at the National Research Center for Statistics and the Environment.