Seminar Details

Seminar Details


Apr 19

3:30 pm

Scanning and Modeling the Human Body for Mass Customization of Garments

Werner Stuetzle


University of Washington - Department of Statistics

Mass customization of clothing manufacturing garments to individuals measurements using mass production techniques has been lauded as a great boon for consumers and as a means of salvation for the US garment industry. Emergence of Internet shopping has added further impetus: customers presumably would purchase more garments remotely if assured of perfect fit.

Widespread introduction of mass customization requires new technology and fundamental changes in the notoriously low tech and fragmented garment industry. In this talk I will address some of the technical aspects of mass customization although, admittedly, the logistical hurdles will be much harder to overcome. I will sketch the design of a low cost scanner for the lower body and describe methods for estimating tailor measurements from scan data.

Acknowledgment: This is joint work with Andrew Certain.