Seminar Details

Seminar Details


Mar 15

3:30 pm

A Resampling Procedure for Nonparametric Combination of Several Dependent Tests

Fortunato Pesarin & Luigi Salmaso


University of Padova, Italy - Department of Statistics

Key Words and Phrases: without replacement resampling procedures; conditional inference; conditional simulation; bootstrap; nonparametric combination of tests; permutation or randomization methods; multidimensional t-paired.

Summary: This talk deals with nonparametric methods for combining dependent permutation or randomization tests. Particularly, they are nonparametric with respect to the underlying dependence structure. The methods are based on a conditional resampling procedure (CRP) on the observed data, also called conditional simulation, which provide suitable estimates, as good as computing time permits, of the permutational distribution of any statistic. A class C of combining functions is characterized in such a way that all its members, under suitable and reasonable conditions, are found to be consistent and unbiased. Moreover, for some of its members, their almost sure asymptotic equivalence with respect to best tests, in particular cases, is shown. An applicational example to a multivariate permutational t-paired test is also discussed.