Seminar Details

Seminar Details


Mar 5

3:30 pm

Algorithms and Software for the Automated Identification of Minerals Using Field Spectra or Hyperspectral Imagery

Mark Berman


CSIRO, Sydney, NSW, Australia - Division of Mathematical & Information Sciences

Over the last few years, the speaker (and collaborators Leanne Bischof and Jon Huntington) have been developing fast and sophisticated algorithms and software for identifying pure minerals and mixtures of minerals from shortwave infrared spectra. The software, called The Spectral Assistant (TSA), has been designed to be used with a particular FIELD-PORTABLE spectrometer, the PIMA-II, which is about the size of a shoe box and can be used by geologists collecting samples in the field. It has been trained using a spectral reference library of 551 samples, representing 49 pure minerals and water. Recently, work has commenced on adapting TSA so that it can be applied to AIRBORNE and SATELLITE HYPERSPECTRAL IMAGERY.

The talk will outline the algorithm underlying TSA. Challenges in adapting it to hyperspectral data will then be discussed. These include atmospheric correction, incorporating spatial context, and the issue of how to construct a reference library.

The technical part of the talk will be preceded by a short overview of CSIRO and its Image Analysis Group, which the speaker leads.