Seminar Details

Seminar Details


Mar 1

3:30 pm

Web-Site Management Based on Declarative Specifications

Alon Levy


University of Washington - Department of Computer Science and Engineering

The World-Wide Web is a prime vehicle for disseminating information. Consequently, web-sites are growing in size, have increasingly complex structure, and often serve information derived from multiple data sources. Managing the content and structure of such web-sites is a novel data management problem.

Recently, several systems have been developed for mananging web-sites based on the idea of separating the management of the content, structure and graphical presentation of web-sites. Using these systems a designer (1) identifies the data that will be served at the site, (2) uses a declarative language to integrate the underlying data and to define the structure of the web-site (i.e., the pages, the data at every page and the links between pages), and (3) specifies the graphical rendering of the pages in the site using a template language.

In this talk I describe the first these systems, Strudel (developed at AT&T Laboratories), and some the experiences gained from its application. I will describe some of the ongoing work aimed at realizing the advantages of declarative specification of web-sites, such as the ability to specify and verify integrity constraints on sites, and the intelligent design run-time policies for web-sites.

One of the main drawbacks of the systems declarative web-site management developed thus far is that the implementation of the web-site is forced to be in the same system used for the site's design. I will describe the Tiramisu system under development at the University of Washington, in which we separate between the design phase of the web-site and its implementation, and allow the implementation to be performed by a collection of (possibly specialized) tools.

The Strudel system was developed jointly with Mary Fernandez (AT&T Labs), Daniela Florescu (INRIA, France), Jaewoo Kang (Severa Inc.) and Dan Suciu (AT&T Labs). Tiramisu is being developed with Corin Anderson and Dan Weld (U. of Washington).