Seminar Details

Seminar Details


Feb 11

2:30 pm

Technology for Teaching and Learning Statistics

David Moore


Purdue University - 1998 President of the American Statistical Association

Technology, first computing and now communications, has greatly changed statistics research. Until recently, however, technology has had surprisingly little effect on how statistics is taught and learned by students in schools and universities or on the job. That is now changing. Computing and communications technology promises (or threatens) to finally bring real change to teaching and learning basic statistics. This talk will not attempt to survey current technology, but will instead elaborate a broader point: technology is effective for learning to the extent that it helps convey desirable content and implements effective pedagogy. Our aim should be synergy among content, pedagogy, and technology rather than allowing impressive technology to drive the other dimensions. The talk will include demonstrations of a multimedia statistics instruction system to illustrate the possibility of synergy.