Seminar Details

Seminar Details


Oct 3

1:00 pm

Classifying Immune Responses in Peptide Microarray Immunoassays

Gregory Imholte

General Exam

Advisor: Dr. Raphael Gottardo

Peptide microarrays tiling immunogenic regions of pathogens (e.g. envelope proteins of a virus) have become an important high throughput tool for querying and mapping antibody binding. Antibodies play a key role in the immune system by preventing and controlling infection. Antibody binding locations provide crucial information for understanding natural infection and for deriving effective vaccines. In the context of vaccine development, the peptide microarray can reveal patterns of antibody response stimulated via vaccine treatment. Due to immune system variability, not all subjects produce the same antibody response to an identical vaccine treatment. We present a Bayesian hierarchical mixture model to classify subjects into responders or non-responders against the assay’s peptide library. We apply our method to HIV vaccine trial data to demonstrate improved sensitivity and specificity of classification.