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Statistics Department Electives

(Consider this sheet as a source of ideas. A listing here does not guarantee acceptance)

ALL of these courses MUST have the prior approval of Mee Ling Hon, Undergraduate Academic Counselor (Padelford B313A).

STAT Electives:

Statistics (Intended for Undergraduate Statistics Majors and grad students in other department)

Stat 5644 Bayesian Statistics for Social Sciences (always approved)

Stat 5293 Sample Survey Techniques (always approved. Students must check with the instructor prior to enrolling to make sure that the current offering is appropriate for undergraduates.)

Statistics (not offered on a regular basis)

Stat 4034 Introduction to Resampling Inference (always approved)

Stat 4253 Introduction to Nonparametric Statistics (always approved)

Stat 4274 Introduction to Analysis of Categorical Data (always approved)

Stat 4284 Multivariate Analysis for the Social Sciences (always approved)

Stat 4354 Introduction to Statistical Machine Learning (always approved)

Stat 498 Special Topics (sometimes approved; sometimes not)

Biostatistics (Occasionally accepted)

Stat 5243 Design of Medical Studies (student must ask the instructor prior to enrolling)

Quantitative Sciences (Occasionally accepted)

Stat 4803 Sampling theory for Biologists (student must ask the instructor prior to enrolling)


Stat/Math 3963 Probability III (Always approved but inappropriate for many/most. This course has a substantially higher degree of difficulty than STAT/MATH 395).

Stat/Math 3953 Probability II (If Stat 340-341-342 and Stat/Math 396 are completed, then Stat/Math 395 and Stat/Math 396 will both be approved as Electives. If Stat/Math 396 is not completed, then Stat/Math 395 will NEVER be accepted. [Note, we want Stat majors to take Stat 340-341-342. However, Stat majors particularly interested in probability must take Stat/Math 394-395 to enroll in either Stat/Math 396 or Stat/Math 491. Thus, we do allow Stat/Math 394-395 and Stat 341-342 to replace Stat 340-341-342]

Stat/Math 4913 Intro to Stochastic Processes (always approved. This course has a heavy workload and substantially higher degree of difficulty than STAT/MATH 395.)

Stat/Math 4923 Stochastic Calculus for Option Pricing (always approved. Only students interested in “financial mathematics” should consider this.)

Math and AMath (Courses that may be approved, if part of a coherent plan)

Math 4643 Numerical analysis (acceptable for actuaries)

AMath 4835 High Performance Scientific Computing

Math 4073-4083-4093 Optimization

Math 4243-4253-4263 Analysis (This is only accepted for some students aiming at graduate degrees. It is often a bad idea even for these students)

Math 4273-4283 Complex Analysis (This is only occasionally accepted)

Computer Sciences (Courses that may occasionally be accepted, if part of a coherent plan)

CSE 3264 Data Structures (CSE 143 and CSE 321 prereq)

CSE 3314 Software Design and Implementation (CSE 143 prereq)

CSE 3444 Introduction to Data Management (CSE 311 or 321 prereq)

CSE 3734 Data Structures and Algorithms (CSE 143 prereq) {Cannot count both CSE 326 and CSE 373}

CSE 4153 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (CSE 373 prereq)

Other Options

Geog 4265 Advanced Quantitative Methods (occasionally approved. It involves things like analysis of census data.)

Actuaries or Stat/Econ Double Majors

Math 4643 Numerical Analysis I

Econ 4225 Investment, Capital, Finance (with Econ 200 and 201)

Econ 4245 Computational Finance and Financial Economics

AMath 4835 (CSE 142 or AMath 301 prereq)

Math 4073-4083-4093 is acceptable (but not high priority)

Never Acceptable as Electives: Stat/CSSS /509/Econ 580, Econ 481, Econ 482, 483, Math 309.

Revised 07/19/2016