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Minor in statistics

"For Today’s Graduate, Just One Word: Statistics" is the title of the Aug 6, 2009 New York Times article. It describes the value, importance, applications and multitude of job opportunities for people with statistics background and skills.

A minor in Statistics enhances a degree in any substantive field of application of statistics. The set of skills and understandings you gain could position you to be an especially valuable contributor in your chosen application field.

Minor Requirements:  Minimum of 26 credits as follows.  (The following order is suggested)

  1. MATH  1265 or MATH 1365                         (Calculus with Analytic Geometry III) 
  2. STAT/MATH 3943  and STAT/MATH 3953      (Probability I and Probability ll)
  3. STAT/MATH 3904                                       (Probability and Statistics in Engineering and Science) 
  4. STAT 3023                                                 (Statistical Software and Its Applications)
  5. Either STAT/BIOST 4253                             (Introduction to Nonparametric Statistics)
    or  STAT/MATH 3963                                  (Probability III)
  6. Minimum of 5 credits of approved Electives; typically from the list below.
  7. Minimum grade of 2.0 in each course used to satisfy the minor requirements.

**At most 5 credits used to satisfy the Statistics minor may be applied to a student’s major. At least 20 of the credits used to satisfy the Statistics minor must be taken at the UW.

Approved list for DARS

CSE 1424                                                           (Computer Programming I)
CSE 1435                                                           (Computer Programming II)
MATH 3083                                                         (Matric Algebra with Applications)           

Examples of Electives that could be approved by the adviser

ECON 4825-4835 for an Econ, Business, or Finance Major.

ECON 4855 for an Econ, Business, or Finance Major.

MATH 4643 (for someone interested in Actuarial Sciences).

AMATH 3523-3533 (Applied Linear Algebra-Fourier), but only if both.

BIOST 5144-5154 for a Biological Sciences Major, but only if both.

MATH 4073, 4083, 4093 and some other MATH 4xx choices could well be suitable.

Undergraduate Academic Counselor:  Mee Ling Hon, B-313A Padelford Hall,

Be Aware: Recently, there has been a substantial increase in the number of majors, and they have priority in the registration for some of the courses listed above. This could make it quite difficult to complete this minor.

(Revised 05/15/14)

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