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Apr 29

3:30 pm

Measures of niche overlap in Ecology

Eduardo Gutiérrez-Peña - National University of Mexico

Seminar - SMI  211 - Faculty host Jon Wakefield


May 6

3:30 pm

Nonparametric Estimation and Comparison for Networks

Cosma Shalizi - Carnegie Mellon University

Seminar - SMI  211 - Faculty host Hari Narayanan

Faculty Job Opening The Department of Statistics at the University of Washington is offering a full-time Tenure-Track Assistant (0116) or Tenured Associate (0102) Professor position. For application details go here.
Poster Award Jon Azose won a Poster Award for his poster on Including Migration Uncertainty in Probabilistic Population Projections at the Population Association of America's 2016 Annual Meeting. The poster was co-authored with Adrian Raftery and Hana Ševčíková.
Paper in Science Professor Jon Wakefield was a co-author on the paper "Excavating Neanderthal and Denisovan DNA from the genomes of Melanesian individuals" published in Science. The paper developed methods that identified DNA inherited from multiple archaic hominin ancestors, providing insight on human expansion across Eurasia as well as genetic differences between these species. BBC, NY Times coverage.
Carver Medal Recipient Chris Burdzy has been awared the 2016 Carver Medal of the Institute of Mathematical Statistics. The medal is given for exceptional service to the IMS.
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