Important:  Statistics major has tentatively proposed a change to our undergraduate admissions timing.  Please check our website regularly for any updates. 

Statistics is a competitive major. Completion of the prerequisites described below guarantees consideration of your application but does not guarantee admission. Each application will be evaluated by a committee of faculty involved in the undergraduate program .

Admissions Criteria

Applicants must be enrolled at the University of Washington and satisfy the requirements below.

A minimum cum GPA of 2.5 in the courses listed below with no individual GPA below 2.0 is required for admission. Successful applicants will typically exceed a cum GPA of 3.0 with no individual GPA below 2.5.  Courses must be completed prior to application.

  • Calculus sequence: MATH 124, 125 and 126    (or Hons Calculus sequence: MATH 134, 135 and 136)
  • Introductory Statistics: One of STAT 311 (highly preferred) or STAT 390
  • At least 2 additional courses from the following list:
    • CSE 142
    • either STAT 302 or CSE 143
    • MATH 307
    • MATH 308

All applicants will be evaluated using the following criteria:

  • academic ability as measured by GPA, factoring in difficulty and breadth of courses completed,  frequency of incomplete courses , and number of repeated courses
  • personal statement
  • relevant work and life experience
  • honors/merit  

How to Apply

To apply, please click here  (link will be activated on 8/28/19 at 6 am). Be sure to have a copy of your most recent transcript (PDF) and your personal statement (see prompt below) in a separate file from which you can copy and paste into the online form before you begin. If you are taking summer quarter classes, you must wait to apply until after your summer quarter grades are included on your transcript. (This wait will not delay the consideration of your application.)

The deadline for application is the end of the day (5:00 P.M. Pacific Standard Time) on the first Friday of September. Students wishing to apply to the statistics major must complete the online application by the due date and time. The application will be available for  two weeks before the deadline. Incomplete applications will not be considered and extra time will not be given. Please plan ahead so you do not find yourself in this situation. 


Prompt for Personal statement (admission cycle 2019)

A statement about your interest in the statistics program is an important part of your application. Statements should be no longer than 500 characters (spaces included).

  • Please describe your career/education goals and how a major in statistics will help further these goals. (If statistics is a second major, you will need to make a strong case for why a double major is crucial to your career goals.) You may also use this statement to either
    • address elements of your record which might misrepresent your potential as a statistics major, OR
    • describe how your personal history (family, educational, cultural, and economic background) has influenced you and your goals.


Admission Decisions

Decisions are made approximately within a week after the application deadline. Students are notified of the decision via email. Admitted students have 48 hours to accept our offer by email.  If admitted and STAT is your only major, you will have 1 week to declare STAT as your major and prepare a graduation plan with our advisor. If admitted and STAT is a double major/degree, you will have 2 weeks to declare STAT as your major since you must complete a graduation plan with your other major first. Non-response  by the deadlines is considered a decline of our offer.  Applicants are not allowed to defer admissions and must begin in the fall quarter immediately upon notification of acceptance. Failure to do so can result in a withdrawal of our offer. 

All applicants have the right to petition and appeal the Department’s decision. 

If you are denied admission and feel that important facts were overlooked by the committee, you may submit the Admission Decision Appeal Form within 1 week of the date of the notification email to the Statistics Advising Office in PDL B-313. Only relevant information that was not submitted with your original application will be considered in your case for an appeal. Students who appeal will be notified within one week after the appeal deadline.