Transfer credit Evaluations

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Individual applications for transfer credit may be made in an email addressed to Ms. Mee Ling Hon ( by submitting the following. Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed.


    • Your major and year at the U.W.
    • Information about the course you want us to evaluate:
      • When/Where did you take it?
      • What were the prerequisites for the course? (e.g., none, algebra II, pre-calculus, min GPA of 2.5 in calculus I, etc.)
      • How many contact hours? (hours of instruction/week and number of weeks )
    • The course you are hoping to get credit for (e.g. STAT 220, STAT 3111, STAT 390).  For a full list of statistics courses, visit the courses tab. Note You may only request equivalency for courses that match credit hours and prerequisites. For courses taken abroad, be sure it matches the overall number of hours of instruction before requesting equivalency.
    • a detailed syllabus of topics which should include
      • Course meeting days/times
      • Email address of the professor
      • Textbook or course materials assigned
      • A detailed list of contents/schedule covered in the course; if this is not in the syllabus, you may submit a copy of the table of contents from the textbook where you have highlighted the exact chapters covered
      • sample of work from class (ideally, a test but could also be notes)
    • a  copy of your transfer institution transcript showing the grade you received in the course (does not apply for a course which will be taken in future)
    • only PDF files will be accepted; clearly label your files in an informative manner
      • Example: syllabus.pdf, schedule.pdf, list of topics.pdf, exam.pdf
  1. Statistics classes taken at universities abroad may qualify for transfer credit evaluation BUT only if taken through the U.W. study abroad program.
  2. The Department of Statistics will not grant equivalency for courses completed online, with the exception of WA state community colleges for which there is a standing agreement for equivalency.
  3. Equivalence reviews take approximately 2 weeks, but it may be longer over the summer or during breaks. In addition, equivalence reviews for future coursework may only be made AFTER the instructor has finalized the course materials and is able to share it with us upon request.

Footnote 1: Please note that STAT 311 credit is NOT generally given for introductory statistics courses taken at other institutions. These courses typically do not contain material of the full extent and depth of the UW STAT 311 course. These courses usually transfer as 1xx, 2xx, 220, 3xx