Department of Statistics
University of Washington

The Center for Statistical Consulting is a University of Washington approved cost center located administratively in the Department of Statistics. The CSC was set up to provide some of the more in-depth collaborative consultation that cannot be provided through the free consulting services of the Departments of Biostatistics and Statistics. The Center can provide, for example, direct assistance in carrying out data analyses and report writing. Clients may be referred to the CSC from a regularly scheduled free consulting appointment. The CSC accepts projects from clients or researchers at the University of Washington and off-campus. Collaborative consulting and assistance with data analysis through the CSC requires funding for the statistical consultant on an hourly basis. Rates differ for work carried out by faculty versus graduate student consultants and for University of Washington and non-University of Washington clients. To discuss a potential project for the CSC you may call or email Prof Paul D. Sampson ( at 206-685-2664.

Dept of Statistics, Box 354322
B-313 Padelford Hall
ph: 206-543-7237, fax: 206-685-7419