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The schedule of appointments for the current academic quarter can be seen in the U.W. Statistical Consulting Calendar. Please examine this calendar carefully for appointment slots marked " OPEN ". Note: Biostatistics appointments usually take place in the F-643 Conference Room (inside Biostatistics' F-600 office suite), Health Sciences, while the Statistics appointments take place in Room C-302 of Padelford Hall on UW's upper campus. In the following box please enter the dates and times you prefer to request for an appointment.

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In order to confirm your appointment with us -- and to help us prepare for the appointment -- we require that you submit this problem description form at least one day prior to your scheduled appointment.

We look forward to meeting you. If you are unable to make the above appointment, please contact the appropriate department to cancel and reschedule.


Dept of Biostatistics, Box 357232
F-600 Health Sciences Building
ph: 206-685-9496

Dept of Statistics, Box 354322
B-313 Padelford Hall
ph: 206-543-7237, fax: 206-685-7419