Statistical Learning: Modeling, Prediction and Computing
STAT 539 Spring Quarter 2012



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  • The final PRESENTATION SCHEDULE is here
  • The prelim description, style file
  • The schedule for the lectures in the remainder of the quarter
  • Submit assignments HERE
  • How to find what you need on this web site: course materials written by me are under Handouts, links to other materials (e.g. tutorials) are under Resources, course materials posted by the instructor for 572 are under the link to the 572 course web site, occasionally duplicated under Resources. The documents from 518 will be emailed or posted to Resources otherwise. The list of project papers is under Projects
  • The Computing/Learning Prelim will be given on June 14 and 15, 2012. Committee: Marina Meila (chair), Adrian Dobra, Hariharan Narayanan

Who is this class for?
This is a project class, intended for PhD students in the Statistics Department who are preparing for the Statistical Learning Preliminary Examination. The grade in this class is based on effort during the quarter (50%) and quality of the project (50%). See the Statistical Learning Prelim description for a more detailed description of the expectations w.r.t quality.


  • STAT 535 and STAT 538
  • Ability with a computer programming language (like C, C++, Java or Matlab, Splus, R) at the level of STAT 534

Instructor: Marina Meila

Lectures: Tuesdays 11:30 - 12:20 in MGH 234; Thursdays 10:30 - 12:20 in MOR 219

Office hours: Wednesdays 2-3 in Padelford B - 321

Course home page: (this page)

Schedule for the first two weeks (note the later time)
TUESDAY 3/27 11:30-12:20 MGH 234 organizational meeting
TUESDAY 3/27 1:50 - ~ 3pm EE 045 joint lecture 539/518/572
Thursday 3/29 10:30-12:20 ---- NO CLASS
Thursday 3/29 1:30 - ~ 3pm EE 045 joint lecture 539/518/572
Tuesday 4/3 11:30-12:20 ---- NO CLASS
Tuesday 4/3 1:30 - ~ 3pm EE 045 joint lecture 539/518/572
Thursday 4/5 10:30-12:20 ??? 539 class meetings resume at normal scheduled time

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