Marina Meila


STAT 544 Bayesian Inference

STAT 391 Statistics for Data Science

STAT 535 Foundations of Machine Learning

STAT 538 Advanced Machine Learning

STAT 534 Statistical computing: Basic data structures and algorithms (Spring 2019)

ONE TIME OFFERINGS and old classes

STAT 535 Statistical Learning: Modeling, Prediction and Computing (Fall 2011) Part I: Graphical probability models and unsupervised learning (formerly Statistical Computing)

STAT 538 Statistical Learning: Modeling, Prediction and Computing (Winter 2010) Part II: Supervised Learning and Optimization (formerly Statistical Computing)

STAT 539 Machine Learning/Big Data Project

STAT 391 Probability and Statistics for Computer Science

STAT 593C/EE 546 Sparse representations: Theory, Algorithms and Applications (with Maryam Fazel ), Spring 2010

STAT 591/EE 596 Modern methods of machine learning: multiway classification, preferences, intransitivity (with Jeff Bilmes), Autumn 2006

STAT 593 B Probabilistic reasoning with graphical models (with Jeff Bilmes), Spring 2005

STAT 592 B/CSE 590 MM Classic methods of Machine Learning (with Alejandro Murua), Winter 2004

STAT 592 C Winter 2002 Convex Analysis Methods in Statistical Inference (with Jeff Bilmes and Thomas Richardson)

STAT 593 C Information Theory, Statistics and Machine Learning Spring 2001 (with Jeff Bilmes)

MATH 498 Mathematics/ACMS Undergraduate Seminar