Hana Ševčíková

Position: Senior Research Scientist
Address: Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences
University of Washington
Box 354322
Seattle, WA 98195-4322
Office: Padelford C324
   hanas at uw.edu
  +1 206 - 685-8145
   +1 206 - 685-7419

Research: Probabilisitc population projection, jointly with Sam Clark, Adrian Raftery and the United Nations Population Division.
In the area of urban planning -- UrbanSim, project led by Paul Waddell and Alan Borning. Member of the Puget Sound Regional Council staff working on a regional land use forecast.
(Finished) Project on fractal analysis of random fields (NSF 0134264 ), jointly with Tilmann Gneiting and Don Percival.
(Finished) Jointly with Tony Rossini, project on statistical parallel computing.
R pkgs:Population projections: bayesTFR, bayesLife, bayesPop, bayesDem
Parallel computing: snowFT, rlecuyer (read this for more info)
Other: mlogitBMA, fractaldim
All packages can be downloaded from CRAN.


postdoc in statistics, University of Washington, Seattle
Ph.D. in statistics, Helmut-Schmidt-Universität, Hamburg (Germany),
M.S. in computer science, Universität Hamburg (Germany)
lived in Frankfurt am Main (Germany)
Diplom in computer science, VSB - Technicka univerzita Ostrava (Czech Republic)
lived in Brno (Czech Republic)
graduated from Gymnazium Mikulov (Czech Republic)
born in Cheb (Czech Republic)


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