STAT 341 Introduction to Probability and Mathematical Statistics II

Time: MW 11:30-12:20 and F: 11:30-1:20

Place: Loew 101 (MW) and Loew 105 (F)
Instructor: Peter Guttorp (peter at Padelford B213

Teaching Assistant: Aaron Zimmerman (azimmer at Padelford B222
Office hours:
Peter Wednesday 2:30-4:00
Aaron Thursday, time 11:30-1:30
Both in CMU B023, the Statistics Tutor and Study Center.

Daily schedule (Last updated Jan 2.)

Friday snack schedule.

Course grading scheme:
10% class participation

30% homework (You get to drop one)

20% midterm
40% final
There will be no retake of missed exams. If the midterm is missed due to a serious emergency (and the instructor has been notified in advance) the final will count for 60% of the grade. A student who does not take the final will not pass the class. Grades will be a nonlinear function of total scores. A student receving less than 60% of the possible scores most likely will get a grade under 2.0.

Sample midterm
Midterm Friday February 7 in class.
Sample final.
Final Wednesday March 19 2:30-4:20 (Loew 101)

Lecture notes 13(Last updated Mar 5)

Homework (Last updated Feb 27)
Homeworks are due in class on Fridays as noted on the daily schedule. Late homeworks will not be graded, unless prior arrangements have been made.

Here is a list of 2014 internships from the American Statistical Association.