Statistics 593A

Statistical Climatology

Instructor: Peter Guttorp

Time: TuTh 8:30-9:50

Room: Loew 101

Office hours: F 9-10 Padelford B213

Prerequisites: The course is available both for graduate and undergraduate students. The main requirement is a course in regression, such as STAT 423 or STAT 504 and some elementary probability.

Description: This is a case-based course, meaning that we will work in groups on a few scientific problems. The groups will be selected by the instructor to ensure that each group has a variety of different expertise.  Background material will be available on the web, and the groups will attempt to come up with solutions together. Each case will take about 2-3 weeks. Different cases will be presented to the class by the groups in different ways, such as papers, oral presentations, posters, or web pages.

As the course progresses, we will add more cases and material.

Case 1: Estimating daily mean temperature

Introductory presentation.

A mini-lecture on time series.

Group A presentation.

Group B presentation.


Case 2: Policy implication of sea level rise

Introductory presentation.

Case web page