Statistical Climatology (7.5 ECTS)

Instructor: Peter Guttorp

Time: Tuesdays 10:00-11:45 and 13:15-15:00, for 7 weeks September 9-October 21 (28 hours).

Location: MVL14.

Format: Case based instruction. This means that we will be working on some scientific problems in groups. When the students feel they need a lecture on some methodological issue (here is an example), they can ask for it, but otherwise lecturing will be limited to problem descriptions at the beginning of each case. The intent is to have each group contain a broad spectrum of expertise. Background material will be available on the web, and the groups will attempt to come up with solutions together. Each case will take about 2-3 weeks, but may take longer. Different cases will be presented to the class by the groups in different ways, such as papers, oral presentations, posters, or web pages. As the course progresses, we will add more cases and material.

Here are the introductory slides, including the preliminary group composition, and here is the overview lecture on climate..

Prerequisites: The main requirement is a course in regression,  and some elementary probability. Knowledge of R is helpful but not essential.

Case 1: Estimating daily mean temperature

Slides introducing Case 1.
Presentations from group 1, group 2, group 3.


Case 2: The effect of using anomalies

Slides introducing Case 2.


WMO Discussion paper on the calculation of climate normals
Nature Climate paper by Fyfe et al.

Some material on sea level rise.
Slides for October 20.