Tech Reports

Number Title Author
648 Accounting for Uncertainty About Past Values In Probabilistic Projections of the Total Fertility Rate for All Countries Peiran Liu
647 Testing for Bias in Order Assignment Darren Grant, Sheridan Grant, Michael D Perlman
646 Identity by descent in the mapping of genetic traits Elizabeth A Thompson
645 The “balanced-ness” of classification trees Steven B. Gillispie
644 Estimating Large Correlation Matrices for International Migration JONATHAN J. AZOSE, Adrian Elmes Raftery
643 Adaptive Incremental Mixture Markov chain Monte Carlo Florian Maire, Nial Friel, Antonietta Mira, Adrian Elmes Raftery
642 A Posterior Probability Approach for Gene Regulatory Network Inference in Genetic Perturbation Data William C. Young, Ka Yee Yeung, Adrian Elmes Raftery
641 Model-Based Clustering with Data Correction for Removing Artifacts in Gene Expression Data Adrian Elmes Raftery, William C. Young, Ka Yee Yeung
640 Limitations on Detecting Row Covariance in the Presence of Column Covariance Peter D Hoff
639 A Pivot-Based Improvement to Sandwich-Based Confidence Intervals Peter D Hoff, James Warren Harmon
638 Dyadic Data Analysis with Amen Peter D Hoff
637 Improved Initialisation of Model-Based Clustering Using Gaussian Hierarchical Partitions Luca Scrucca, Adrian Elmes Raftery
636 Bayesian Additive Regression Trees Using Bayesian Model Averaging Belinda Hernandez, Adrian Elmes Raftery, Stephen R. Pennington, Andrew C. Parnell
635 Bayesian Model Averaging in Model-Based Clustering and Density Estimation Adrian Elmes Raftery, Niamh Russell, Thomas Brendan Murphy
634 Properties of Latent Variable Network Models Adrian Elmes Raftery, Riccardo Rastelli, Nial Friel
633 Adaptive Higher-order Spectral Estimators Peter D Hoff
632 Pedigree-Free Descent-Based Gene Mapping from Population Samples Christopher G. Glazner, Elizabeth A Thompson
631 Multilinear Tensor Regression for Longitudinal Relational Data Peter D Hoff
630 Power and Effective Study Size Based on Approximations to the Expected Likelihood Ratio Test in Heritability Studies Elizabeth A Thompson
629 clustvarsel: A Package Implementing Variable Selection for Model-based Clustering in R Luca Scrucca, Adrian Elmes Raftery