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644 Estimating Large Correlation Matrices for International Migration Jon Azose, Adrian E Raftery
643 Adaptive Incremental Mixture Markov chain Monte Carlo Florian Maire, Nial Friel, Antonietta Mira, Adrian E Raftery
642 A Posterior Probability Approach for Gene Regulatory Network Inference in Genetic Perturbation Data William C. Young, Ka Yee Yeung, Adrian E Raftery
641 Model-Based Clustering with Data Correction for Removing Artifacts in Gene Expression Data Adrian E Raftery, William C. Young, Ka Yee Yeung
640 Limitations on Detecting Row Covariance in the Presence of Column Covariance Peter D Hoff
639 A Pivot-Based Improvement to Sandwich-Based Confidence Intervals Peter D Hoff, James Warren Harmon
638 Dyadic Data Analysis with Amen Peter D Hoff
637 Improved Initialisation of Model-Based Clustering Using Gaussian Hierarchical Partitions Luca Scrucca, Adrian E Raftery
636 Bayesian Additive Regression Trees Using Bayesian Model Averaging Belinda Hernandez, Adrian E Raftery, Stephen R. Pennington, Andrew C. Parnell
635 Bayesian Model Averaging in Model-Based Clustering and Density Estimation Adrian E Raftery, Niamh Russell, Thomas Brendan Murphy
634 Properties of Latent Variable Network Models Adrian E Raftery, Riccardo Rastelli, Nial Friel
633 Adaptive Higher-order Spectral Estimators Peter D Hoff
632 Pedigree-Free Descent-Based Gene Mapping from Population Samples Christopher G. Glazner, Elizabeth Thompson
631 Multilinear Tensor Regression for Longitudinal Relational Data Peter D Hoff
630 Power and Effective Study Size Based on Approximations to the Expected Likelihood Ratio Test in Heritability Studies Elizabeth Thompson
629 clustvarsel: A Package Implementing Variable Selection for Model-based Clustering in R Luca Scrucca, Adrian E Raftery
628 Dynamic Model Averaging in Large Model Spaces Adrian E Raftery, Luca Onorante
627 A higher-order LQ decomposition for separable covariance models Peter D Hoff
626 Predicting Extinction or Explosion in a Galton-Watson Branching Process with Power Series Offspring Distribution Peter Guttorp, Michael D Perlman
625 Equivariant Minimax Dominators of the MLE in the Array Normal Model Peter D Hoff