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Statistical Genetics Ph.D. track Application Process

Before you are a UW student:

Students interested in graduate study in Statistical Genetics should apply directly to the Statistics or Biostatistics department in the usual way. At the University of Washington, these two departments maintain a close partnership in their graduate programs, and the Statistical Genetics curriculum is a joint endeavor.

You should apply to whichever department you feel is best-suited to your interests and you should specify an interest in Statistical Genetics. This specification is not binding! You are welcome to specify a tentative or possible interest.

In addition, you may send a brief email to Elizabeth Thompson (Statistics) or Bruce Weir (Biostatistics) to ensure your application files will be brought to the attention of the Statistical Genetics faculty. Also, talk to our current students!!

As a UW student:

When you are sure of your decision to be in the Statistical Genetics pathway, you should ask the staff Graduate Program Advisor in your department to make sure that this is recorded in your Department file and also with the Graduate School. At the latest, this information must be recorded with the Graduate School no later than completion of your Ph.D. General Exam.

Students taking the Statistical Genetics core curriculum are encouraged to sign up 'officially' as a Statistical Genetics student, either for the Certificate Program or the Ph.D. pathway. If unsure, you may sign up for the Certificate and later transfer to the Ph.D. pathway. If you transfer, please be sure to let the staff Certificate Program Advisor (currently, Mee Ling Hon, in Statistics) know, as well the staff Graduate Program Advisor in your Department.

Funding Opportunities in Statistical Genetics

To find out about training grant funding opportunities for graduate students in Statistical Genetics go to Funding.

Additionally, many Statistical Genetics faculty have Research Grants which have supported Statistical Genetics students as Graduate Research Assistants.