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Statistical Genetics Certificate Students

The following students are currently enrolled in the Certificate Program:

  • Anna Batorsky: Pathology   (StatGen Advisor: Elizabeth)
  • Jennifer Kirk: Biostatistics   (StatGen Advisor: Tim Thornton)
  • Alan Lin: GNM
  • Aaron McKenna: Genome Sciences   (StatGen Advisor: Elizabeth)
  • Xiaoliang (Wendy) Wang: Public Health Genetics   (StatGen Advisor: Elizabeth?)
  • Cameron Haas: Epidemiology (StatGen Advisor  Sara Lindstroem)


The following students are interested in Statistical Genetics, and have taken a substantial part of the StatGen curriculum:

  • ..


The following MS students in Statistics did/may take the StatGen Emphasis electives.

  • Ju Zhang (2014-2015)
  • Eric Kernfeld (2015-2016 -- did not complete, but did 2 courses + RA)
  • Yunhu Xiang (2016-2017)