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Procedures for completion

1) As you near the fulfillment of the core curriculum requirements, consult with your StatGen advisor or the staff/faculty Statistical Genetics Certificate program advisors regarding completion of the program.

2) Complete your Capstone Project. This should be a presentation in the Statistical Genetics seminar (BIOST 581) of a literature or research topic relating to one of your five core Certificate courses. It is recommended you consult your instructor for your chosen course. You must also contact the instructor of BIOST581 to schedule your presentation. Of course, your StatGen faculty advisor, and/or the Certificate Program Director will also be happy to advise you.

3) Complete a Curriculum checklist. At this point in your program, this should be straightforward, but if you still have questions, consult with Mee Ling Hon in Statistics.

4) Provide the form to Mee Ling who will check your course record and provide the form to the Program Director for signature.

5) Once the form is signed, Mee Ling will transmit the information on your completion of the Certificate Program to the Graduate School, and it will appear on your UW record. Mee Ling will also inform you when she transmits completion information to the Graduate School.