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Statistical Genetics Ph.D. Students


The following students are working on Ph.D. theses in the Statistical Genetics Ph.D. pathways in Statistics or Biostatistics:

  • Aaron Baraff: Statistics  Statgen Training Grant Trainee. Advisor Elizabeth Thompson

The following students are working on Ph.D. theses in various areas of Statistical Genetics

  • Michael Karcher: Statistics;  Advisor Vladimir Minin
  • Alice Popejoy: Public Health Genetics;  (StatGen Training grant trainee). Advisor Joe Felsenstein;

The following students have completed the core curriculum and are starting to formulate their research topics:

  • Anya Tuck; Biostatistics: StatGen advisor Tim Thornton
  • Bowen Wang: Statistics; StatGen Advisor Elizabeth Thompson (RA advisor: Ellen Wijsman)
  • Qian Zhang: Biostatistics;   StatGen Training grant trainee. Advisor Bruce Weir

The following students are pursuing the core curriculum with the intention of pursuing a PhD in Statistics or Biostatistics, in the Statistical Genetics area:

  • Kelsey Grinde; Biostatistics  (past Statgen Training Grant Trainee) Advisor Sharon Browning
  • Amarise Lilttle; Biostatistics (Statgen Training Grant Trainee) Advisor Tim Thornton
  • Anna Platinga; Biostatistics (FHCRC):  Statgen advisor Sharon Browning
  • Xiaowen Tian:Biostatistics

The following students have expressed interest in the Statistical Genetics pathways in Statistics or Biostatistics:

  • Anne Clark: Genome Sciences(Statgen Training Grant Trainee) AdvisorJosh Akey.
  • Yunhu Xiang: (Statistics MS student)