ALBERT: A Likelihood-Based Estimation of Risk in Trios

ALBERT is a C program that estimates genotype relative risks, genotyping error rates and population risk allele frequencies from marker genotype data in case-parent trios. ALBERT uses the distribution of trio marker genotypes to compute maximum likelihood estimates for the parameters. Complete instructions for running the program can be found in the documentation "albert.pdf" which can be downloaded here. Briefly, ALBERT runs on unix and requires two files, a marker file and a pedigree file (in LINKAGE format). The user must specify the names of these files on the command line, as well as the name of an output file that ALBERT will create. Finally, the user must specify one of the two available error models which are described in the documentation.

IMPORTANT: Do not remove Mendelian inconsistencies from your data before running ALBERT! The program makes use of visible genotyping errors in its parameter estimates.

Until ALBERT is published, only the executable file will be available. Following publication, the source code will also be available. If you use ALBERT, please cite

Mitchell AA and Thompson EA.
ALBERT: A Likelihood-Based Estimation of Risk in Trios. Submitted

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Adele Mitchell
May 17, 2006

Release History

Download executable and documentation here

Name Description Size
albert Executable file (Compiled for Linux on Dell PC) 29kb
albert_doc.pdf PDF file of documentation 85kb