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MORGAN Tutorial

This is a tutorial for the MORGAN (Monte Carlo Genetic Analysis) package, focusing on how to use the provided programs.

The current version of this document is written for MORGAN Version 2.9.

1. Get Started  
2. Common Features and File Formats  
3. Checking Pedigree Validity  
4. Computing Kinship and One- or Two-Locus Inbreeding Coefficients  
5. Simulating Marker and Trait Data in Pedigrees  
6. Simulating Marker Data Conditional on Trait Data in Pedigrees  
7. Estimating a priori ibd Probabilities by Monte Carlo  
8. Using MCMC to Estimate Parameters of Interest in Pedigree Data  
9. Estimating Conditional ibd Probabilities by MCMC  
10. Estimating ibd Based Test Statistics by MCMC  
11. Estimating Location LOD Scores by MCMC  
12. Polygenic Modeling of Quantitative Traits by EM Algorithm  
13. Estimating Genetic Map from Marker Data  
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Statement Index  

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