Pedfiddler 2000-2010: see below for versions 0.5, 0.6

Pedfiddler v0.2, v0.3, v0.31 (2000-2003)

Pedfiddler is a set of programs to manipulate pedigree graphs. It can be used as a stand-alone version of the graphics facilities found in Pedpack. However, Pedfiddler is not fully compatible with Pedpack because it is not intended for analysis, but graphical purposes only.

The main difference between Pedfiddler and Pedpack is the `pedc' files. In Pedfiddler the inbreeding information is replaced with four columns (three for the colors in RGB format, and the last one for labels, so it does not require an alias file). Other enhancements include a new GUI and an upgrade of the routines used to generate EPS files.

The programs in this package are:

Pedfiddler 0.3 includes the additional program

Pedfiddler has been developed at McGill University by J C. Loredo-Osti and Kenneth Morgan ( and supported by grants from the Canadian Genetic Diseases Network and the Mathematics of Information and Technology and Complex Systems Network (Canadian Networks of Centres of Excellence program). Dr. Loredo-Osti is now at the Memorial University of Newfoundland (

The Mac OSX Universal Binaries of Sept 2008 were made by Dr. Michael Li of University of Minnesota (

Pedfiddler v0.5 and v0.6 (2005-2010)

Zip file of v0.6 executables is released April 2010.
Mac Universal binaries for 2.5 are released September 2008, as also is updated C source (Pedfiddler 0.6).

Pedfiddler 0.5 was released, August 2005.
It contains several improvements, and allows for easy transfer of pedigree files between Pedfiddler and Pedpack.

Pedfiddler 0.4 was released, March 2003.
list2pedc could now be done within pfiddler using the "File/Import" option.
Additional coloring options have been added to pfiddler.

Name Description Originator Size Windows version: Pedfiddler binary executables J.C. Loredo-Osti383 kb
pedfiddler-0.6.src.tar.gz gzipped source file J.C. Loredo-Osti 565 kb
pfiddler-0.5_darwin_ub.tbz Mac binary archive Michael Na Li 1052 kb
pedfiddler-0.5.src.tar.gz gzipped source file J.C. Loredo-Osti 110 kb
pedfiddler-0.5.i386.tar.gz i386 linux executables J.C. Loredo-Osti 387 kb
pedfiddler-0.5.alphalinux.tar.gz AlphaLinux executables J.C. Loredo-Osti 1327 kb Windows version: Pedfiddler binary executables J.C. Loredo-Osti264 kb

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