Please note that this is NOT the version of pedpack formerly distributed by Dr. Alun Thomas. Some of the programs are an earlier version of that package, but these have been further developed by others (particularly by Dr. C. J. Geyer).

The package is distributed here primarily for its interactive pedigree graphics capabilities. Included are routines to input the pedigree in Pedpack format, and routines for constructing and improving a graphical representation, for editing the graph interactively, and producing a PostScript output file. Most of these routines are described in Technical Report #153 (C. J. Geyer, (1988), "Software for calculating gene survival and multigene descent probabilities, and for pedigree manipulation and drawing"). For further information read also these instructions

For further information on this version of Pedpack, contact either Elizabeth Thompson or Charlie Geyer.

Name Description Size
Graphics_tar.Z Graphics Directory 112kb
Headers_tar.Z Headers Directory 8kb
Help_tar.Z Help Directory 16kb
Lib.c_tar.Z Lib.c Directory 120kb
Makefile.Z Makefile for compiling the program 4kb
Programs_tar.Z Programs Directory 172kb
cshrc.Z A suggestion for the ".cshrc" file 4kb
geyer.progs.trim.apr91.Z Shar archive 12kb
pedpack.Z Shar archive 4kb
pedpack.old.Z" Shar archive 4kb

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