PANGAEA: Source code freeely available, starting 2006

From 1991-2005, MORGAN and other software on this PANGAEA site was freely available for download, use, and modification for use by collegues, but not for redistribution, modified or unmodified, to other institutions.

See here for details (1991-2005)

Starting 2006, we place no restrictions on your use of MORGAN source code, provided that you acknowledge in your publications, web pages, or software distributions any such use. Contributions to your research involving or based on the software should be acknowledged by citing the appropriate references. These references are given in the separate software packages, and also


If you use MORGAN, please email Elizabeth Thompson.

While MORGAN code is now freeely available, please be aware we will answer questions only regarding versions of MORGAN directly downloaded from our MORGAN web site.

Only current versions remain available for download. If you require an older version for compatibility with your own older research software, your may obtain one by emailing your request to Elizabe th Thompson.